Fresh Fruits
Indian Fruits are very popular in the international market. We provide best breed and supply them in the shortest possible time keeping the freshness intact. All fruits are tested for quality and are available in Standard and Customized Packing. Quality packing is ensured to preserve the freshness and rich aroma of the fruits.


India grows the finest mangoes in the world. We offer almost all the popular Mango varieties like ALPHONSO, KESAR, Neelam, Dusheri, Totapuri, and Badam.

Indian Alphanso Mangoes

alphanso mango Alphonso Mango is the reigning king among Indian fruits. Nearly 70% of the mangoes produced in the world comes from India and none tastes like the Alphonso. The fruit averages about 280 g ( 10 oz) and is bright yellow with a pink blush on the sun exposed shoulder. The ripening fruit perfumes the air with a wonderful sweet and fruity aroma. The flavor is intensely sweet, rich and full, with multiple aromatic overtones and a hint of citrus.

This is a very low in saturated fat and cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of vitamin B6, dietary fibar, Vitamin A and C

INDIA FRASH offers you a very best qualities of Alphonso mangoes “Ratnagiri” & “Devgarh” naturally ripened fruit products as "King Alphonso" The packing of our “Alphanso Mangoes” is in 1 or 2 dozen boxes and are exported in Reefer and Controlled Atmosphere containers by sea or by air.

Kesar Mangoes

alphanso mango “Kesar Mangoes” are a bit smaller in size than “Alphonso Mangoes”. The Kesar mangoes have a slim, oblong shape and it is a medium size mango fruit having golden yellow colour flesh. And its skin has golden color with green shades. “INDIA FRASH” brings for you the best of Indian

“Kesar” variety of mangoes which weighs between 200-350gms. Complete customer satisfaction in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia where our mangoes are shipped to important food chains, superstores and shopping malls have resulted in increased demand and subsequent orders. The delivery season of “Kesar Mangoes” is from February to June. The packing of our “Kesar Mangoes” is in 3 kg /3.5 kg boxes and are exported in Reefer and Controlled Atmosphere containers by sea or by air. For detailed product specifications and pricing, you may contact us.


Pomegranates are so popular due to refreshing flavor of its juicy seeds as well as its health benefits. Behind the secret of health benefits is that red purplish color. A naturally occurring plant phenol antioxidant, gives that rich color to pomegranates. Antioxidants can potentially lessen the level of bad cholesterol, known as LDL, and also have a relaxing effect on blood vessels.
INDIA FRASH offer you the best Bhagwa variety of Pomegranates. It has a very attractive saffron colored thick skin, the Cherry red colored, clean skin and bold arils have increased its cosmetic value and market appearance as compared to the other varieties. It is less susceptible to fruit spots and the thick skin gives it a longer shelf life. Hence, the variety is the most popular table variety both in the domestic and export market. Average fruit size is 300 gms.


The Indian LITCHIES, especially the shahi variety, has gained popularity world wide.

The litchi fruit is about 1 to 2 inches in size, oval to rounded heart shaped and the bumpy skin is red in color. LITCHIES have a sub acid sweet taste and have a wonderful freshness to them that is hard to describe. Lychee fruit is high in the antioxidant Vitamin C and the essential mineral Potassium. It is low in fat, cholesterol and sodium. Their quality can be identified easily by their pulpiness.

INDIA FRASH provides the Litchi fruits which are cultivated by advanced techniques that make them full of flavor and very tasty. We take great care to properly preserve the freshness and quality of Litchi, so as to give the ultimate pleasure to the consumers.


Chikoo also known as Sapodilla or Sapota, is a delicious tropical fruit, brown in color with sandy “potato like” outer surface. Pulp is deliciously sweet with smooth or grainy texture.

Chikoo also known as Sapodilla or Sapota, is a delicious tropical fruit, brown in color with sandy “potato like” outer surface. Pulp is deliciously sweet with smooth or grainy texture.

Chikoo is rich in dietary fiber, good amounts of antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin A. Fresh ripen sapodilla are good source of minerals like potassium, copper, iron and vitamin.

Our "INDIA FRASH" chikoos are picked as soon as they ripen and are packed with care so they don't get damaged. They may be picked in a semi ripe state too so that the shelf life can be prolonged. Their unique flavor and healthy size makes them much demanded fruit everywhere.

Thomson Grapes

"INDIA FRASH" offers best quality of Thomsan grapes to our at the most affordable price. Our grapes go through different quality tests to maintain the quality quotient. Today we are well known as most reliable grapes supplier from India.
Grapes are shipped both Airfreight and Seafreight. Airfreight volumes are as per customer requirements and Seafreight shipping is done containerized.Grapes are packed in a 1 or 2kg corrugated carton.

Cavendish Bananas

We have our Contract farming of Cavendish Banana in large area and exporting the same to our various overseas buyers to their entire satisfaction. Our Cavendish bananas range from approximately 1525 cm in length and the sizes varies are 4/5/6/7/8. Packing is of 13.5kg box or as per buyer's requirement.


Fresh Pineapple is available through out the year, any time we can provide this juicy fruit to you with the lowest rates. The flesh of the pineapple is sweet and juicy and is best eaten raw in slices, wedges, or cubes. Pineapple fruit is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is a good source of Dietary Fiber. This delightful tropical fruit is high in the enzyme Bromelain and the antioxidant vitamin C, both of which plays a major role in the body's healing process.
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