Animal Feeds

Animal Feeds

We offer wide selection of Animal Feeds & Supplementary for your specific requirements. Production is done on the basis of Bio-energy latest technology imported from european union which enables amimals to get right sourcing of natural nutrients.

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Cotton Seed Meal

Cottonseed Meal is a high protein by-product left over from the extraction of oil, from whole cottonseed. There are two different processing methods used to extract the oil from the cottonseed, and they differ in the amount of oil (fat) they leave in the meal. The amount of oil left in the meal affects its energy value. This protein meal can be fed to all types of livestock, especially cattle. We offer Cottonseed meal free of gossypol. Cottonseed meal is used as a protein supplement and can replace all of the soybean meal in the ration.
Protien 43%
Moisture 12%
Fat (oil) 0.5 %
Crude Fibre 15%
Free Gossypol 0.1 %

Rapseed Meal(DOC)

Rapeseed meal is mainly used in animal feed and also as organic fertilizer. The meal is preferred over oilcake due to its versatile use. The protein content is normally 36%-38%. Rapeseed is mainly grown in the northern belt of India with the state of Rajasthan being the largest producer. Its production heavily depends on weather with sowing activity normally taking place in Oct-Nov and harvesting in Feb-March. The rapeseed is crushed to obtain oil and cake which is further sent to solvent extraction for removal of residual oil and to obtain its meal.
Moisture 10% Max.
Protein 38% Min.
Oil Content 1% Max.
Sand & Silica 2.5% Max.
Fiber 12% Max.

Soybean meal

Soybean meal is an ingredient basically used in dog food and cattle feeding. It is the product obtained by grinding the flakes which remain after removal of most of the oil from soybeans by a solvent or mechanical extraction process.

Soybean meal is high quality protein filler containing 50% protein. It boosts the protein content of pet food. It is more suited for feed in aquaculture, beef, dairy cattle, horses, poultry, sheep, and pigs.

Dry Matter 89%
Crude Protein 48%
Crude Fiber 0.30%
Neutral Detergent Fiber 07.1%

Coconut meal or Copra meal

Coconut meal or Copra meal is a by product of the ripe fruit (nut) of the Coconut Palm. This nut is split and the kernel is removed and dried below 6% moisture. This is then called Copra Meal but it still contains oil. After pressing or extracting oil the remaining residue is called Coconut meal.

Copra Meal is a highly digestible supplement with moderately high protein and energy values, with its energy being derived from its relatively high oil and fiber content and no carbohydrate it is a very safe product to feed to ruminants.

Crude Protein 21%
Dry Matter 90%
Acid Detergent Fibro 33.2%
Ash 5%
Ether Extract Oil 8%
Metabolisable Energy 14%
(MJ ME/kg DM)
Bypass Protein 70%

Palm Kernel Meal

Palm Kernel Meal (PKE)is a high quality by-product produced from the mechanical extraction of palm oil from the fruit of the oil palm.
Palm Kernel Meal is a natural high quality protein meal containing 8 10% oil, 16 18% crude protein and is a safe protein meal to be fed to most classes of livestock.
Advantages of using PKE are that it is safe and non acid producing. It is an excellent source of oil and rumen fermentable fiber which usually improves the milk fat test. Is a good source of minerals especially phosphorus, copper, zinc and manganese.
Crude Protein 15%
Dry Matter 88%
Digestible CP 14.7%
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